Good Vibes

“Madrona Marketing is making it possible for me to put myself out there and successfully market.”


“I was running my business based on referrals only before I began working with Madrona. Now, thanks to Erin’s help I have a communications plan and a strategy and I am creating consistent content. Finally my business is being seen by the broader community and people understand what I can do for them. I would not be putting myself out there and increasing clients if it was not for Erin’s support, cheerleading, structure and solid advice.”
~ Annie Von Essen, Coach and Facilitator, Vessel Consulting

 “Erin crafted moving, funny and inspiring speeches that helped raise moreGiddens LOGO money than I thought possible.”

It was a fortuitous Google search that lead me into Erin’s capable hands. From our first meeting, Erin’s warmth, confidence and skill came through. I hired Erin to work with me on speeches for two special events; a fundraising breakfast and an auction. She crafted moving, funny and inspiring speeches that helped raise more money than I thought possible. Erin also provided coaching services for all our speakers, from fifth grade students to Board Members. She is firm, kind and full of easy to remember tips that put both speakers and event planners at ease. In addition to her skill as a writer and coach, she is also a joy to work with. She has amazing energy, enthusiasm and a sparkle that is contagious. I can’t wait to work with Erin on my next projects this fall!
~ Amy Bresslour, Director of Development, The Giddens School

“Erin has the ability to zero in on exactly what you need to do increase your profits and market yourself in ways you may not have thought of before.”

As a small business owner that is always too busy to do anything but work on projects, it was great to have Erin help me focus on the most important project I have – MY OWN BUSINESS! I feel lucky to have Erin in my corner and look forward to working with her in the future!
~ Cami MacNamara, WebCami Site Design

College of Arts & Sciences“Strategic, detail-oriented, and very adept at anticipating the questions and obstacles that may arise during the life of a project”

“Erin is one of the best communications professionals I have worked with. She is strategic, detail-oriented, and very adept at anticipating the questions and obstacles that may arise during the life of a project. When she worked in communications and events at the University of Washington, I was impressed by her ability to adapt to different communication styles, develop strong relationships with executives and vendors, and gracefully manage multiple complex projects.”
~ Laura Gee, Assistant Director of Corporate and Foundation Relations, College of Arts and Sciences at the University of Washington

 Youngstown Cultural Arts Center“Erin is truly a well-rounded professional, able to take on every aspect of marketing and communications for her clients. You should hire her.”

“I am happy to recommend Erin MacCoy and Madrona Marketing as a go-to leader in marketing and communications services. I have worked with Erin on numerous projects, and have seen her enthusiasm and passion for her work drive those around her to excel. Erin brings relentless positive energy to her work, beaming with fresh ideas and an infectious work ethic.”
~ David Bestock, Director, Youngstown Cultural Arts Center

Life Support Consulting“Erin sees the big picture and how to market myself the way I want to.”

“Erin has been a wonderful idea person in helping me get my business off the ground. She’s very tuned into what works and full of good ideas for helping me to connect with the right resources to insure my success. I felt well taken care of and inspired to go more in the direction of what I had in mind. She’s good at seeing the big picture and how to market myself the way I want to with very creative design and graphic layout skills. Erin is a great asset to any kind of business, she’s very intuitive and gives excellent direction and focus.”
~ Michael Pinkel, Facilitator, Life Support Consulting

Greenway“A tremendous assetcollaborator, proofreader and sounding board”

“Fund development and communications go hand-in-hand, and it has been a tremendous asset to have Erin as collaborator, proofreader, and sounding board during the creation of the written materials that are so crucial for my work. I have been in this messaging-intensive field for a decade, and have not worked with anyone I would trust more implicitly to come up with great ideas, strike just the right tone for any communication scenario, and produce materials that represent a company or organization in the best possible light.

As a stubborn writer, I often find myself politely brushing aside suggested edits. When I work with Erin, I tend to just click the “accept all changes” button, because in her case, suggestions mean improvements.

Erin has each of the skills I would include if I was building a great communications expert: creativity, a sharp eye for detail, a vast command of language, a great sense of people and audience, and an open, cooperative nature that makes her a great team player. I recommend her without hesitation.”
~ Michael Woodsum, Director of Development, Mountains to Sound Greenway Trust