I have been noticing more and more lately just how powerful imagery is- both in business and in life in general. Last year, I was taken aback by, as many were, a picture of a man embracing his elderly dog as they lay in a lake presumably, taking a swim. The picture was poignant and, for me, unforgettable. The caption that accompanied the picture mentioned how the dog was 19 years old and the owner would take him into the lake to enjoy the cool water because the dog suffers from severe arthritis. Needless to say, the picture went viral and soon thousands of people were sending in donations to help support this elderly pup’s vet care- all without an appeal for financial support.

Today, as I was perusing the interwebs, again I saw the picture and this time, it was accompanied by another picture of the same dog, Schoep, who was eating birthday cake on his 20TH BIRTHDAY! I was so pleased to see this beautiful animal enjoying his life and again, was struck at how lovely the bond was between Schoep and his master, John. It reminded me to be very mindful and intentional about the types of visuals I use in my work when I am writing for the web. Pictures really do help tell a story. Further to that story is now Shoep and his master, John, have more than 134,000 Facebook followers- fantastic!

So a little how-to for today…if you want your website or blogpost to get attention and gain followers, make it a picture that really pops or tells a story. But most of all, insert photos that mean something or pull at a heart string. People will be more likely to click on a photo that says something visually. Memes can help get you some clicks too so be creative!

A special shout-out copyright-wise to the very talented photographer, Hannah Stonehouse Hudson of Stonehouse Photography. Such an incredible moment to capture!