As we begin 2014, the very first thing I want to express is how blessed I feel. I am blessed for the people and projects in my life, the clients who challenge me to make them look their very best, and the ways in which I get to work and play in my life.

As I look back at this time last year, I recall feeling very low about the professional work I was doing and hoping to catapult myself and my business to new levels. In the blink of an eye, everything changed. And catapult I did- starting Madrona Marketing was the best thing I’ve done for myself personally (and professionally) in a long time as I have been able to return to some of my core values long-hidden by working for someone else. I get to “choose my own adventure” and that, in itself, is a blessing for someone who thrives on creativity and interaction and multiplicity. I love what I do now and it shows in my work.

This year I am excited to leap again without a net so to speak and see what happens. I have some very exciting marketing projects lined up for the top half of 2014 and just know that this type of forward momentum filled with positivity is going to raise all of my work to new levels. I am looking forward to meeting new clients and helping existing ones, learning something new every day and bringing people’s dreams to life. That feels so good, I must admit!

One of my goals for the year is to follow my heart more, to listen more closely to myself as I navigate the marketplace. I have always put my heart into what I do and that won’t change but this year I will structure some of my work to support the very personal goals of some of my professional colleagues. This type of collaboration, where I can let my heart be their guide, is important to me. I want to give others the chance to feel that type of heart-centered support in what they do.

Here’s to a year of incredible opportunity!