One of the elements of running my own business is I get the opportunity to work with talented, creative, and enthusiastic professionals. On some days, I work solo…which is needed to get some of that nitty gritty stuff done. But on others, I am surrounded by people who have energy and love the art of collaboration. I love that.

Most recently, I have had the wonderful luck to work with someone I deeply admire who is a Public Relations GODDESS. She knows the right people to include on guest lists, has a profound connection to areas of PR I want to continue to learn about, and, to top it off, she is a skilled and gifted writer. Her name is En Lammers.

We feed off each other constantly. One idea turns into a concept. A concept most usually turns into an action item. We are both excited to make our clients shine in every possible way. I am super amped to include her in what we do at Madrona Marketing. Between the two of us, the toolkit we can provide to clients just got a lot more comprehensive. When we get together to hash out ideas, the room instantly is filled with ideas, creativity and innovation. It’s EPIC.

To boot, we share a love of cooking. Being Korean, she has a palette for the brilliantly flavorful and wild. I love eating at her house. On my side of the kitchen, she loves that I explore vegan options that tantalize the taste buds. I’m looking forward to collaborating in this way too soon.

Stay tuned for more to come. We have some very exciting projects in the works!