Sometimes even I don’t know the answer.

It’s true and I know I’m not alone. A number of marketing professionals I work with often tell me that they are, in one form or another, “winging it” when it comes to finding the best and most creative solutions for their clients.

I call this a very real part of being in the marketing business. You have to be willing to go with the flow and be prepared to put forth your creative best no matter where you end up.

I must confess I thrive in this type of scenario. I get giddy at the idea of making something up on the fly to help with the branding of a business. Now, don’t get me wrong, I always prepare myself (and any corresponding ideas) to the fullest but I am even more prepared to let it all go and start from scratch right there in the moment while I’m on the hot seat. It’s rush I must admit but when a client’s expectations are exceeded then I know I have done my job and done it well.

In that vein, I must also admit I am willing to be wrong. I am always taking a chance and flying without a net. That’s where the best in creativity happens for me and for my clients. In marketing, you have to be willing to crash and burn (big time in some cases) but when you soar, it’s the wildest and best of thrills possible.