Every year I pick a word or phrase that will become like a mantra or touchstone as I run my life. This mantra often spills over (naturally) into my work world. In 2014, it was “say YES”- a simple term with so much power, it nearly knocked me down as I said yes and yes to more and more things, embracing each and taking it all in stride.

By saying yes, though, I also quickly learned where my boundaries are- but that’s for another post at another time.

In 2015, I decided my term for the year is “LEARN every step of the way”. Already, as I navigate how I run my business and how I learn from the people I surround myself by, I find myself embracing education in all its wonderful forms. I am conscious that how I work with my clients day in and day out is a reflection of what I am learning in business. Every day I am presented with on-the-spot lessons in life and business.

I love to learn. Always have. I love the process of gathering information, absorbing it, and sharing it with others. I love to teach as well, a good complement to all that learning! It’s one of the reasons that this year I plan to facilitate and present to groups more often- because, what I have learned repeatedly is that by sharing your knowledge and imparting wisdom (typically based on your learning from missteps or mistakes) can only benefit others and bring them success.

However, with this desire to teach what I have learned comes the knowledge that there is so much more to learn and take in. I want to increase my knowledge about smart marketing so my clients can benefit. I want to learn more about ways to bring my clients more success. I am also interested in broadening my network of trusted colleagues who can support my desire to bring more awesome people to the proverbial marketing table to achieve greatness. Most importantly, in my business, I want to teach my clients to see the opportunities for strong and effective marketing practices. And, the fact is in all instances, I already am. As the year rolls out, my intentions to do all of these things and learn more IS ALREADY HAPPENING. It’s a little bit warm and fuzzy AND a little bit “OMG, this is for real”. I’ve always been a manifestor so I shouldn’t really be that surprised, right?

So, ok, 2015, I am prepared to consciously LEARN this year, and LEARN I am. So bring it on. Let’s do it!