I do a lot of networking. I find my schedule is plentiful with meeting new and prospective clients. I feel blessed to have the opportunity to meet with so many different business owners throughout my week.

For the past couple of years as I have been freelancing, I have also had the opportunity to see disappointed looks on the faces of smaller business owners, who don’t think they can afford to invest in strong marketing. They look overwhelmed, a little bit sad, and, in some cases, TOTALLY PANICKED.

A significant part of what I offer are services that support medium to larger sized businesses. After meeting with smaller business owners, I realized that they needed the marketing “love” too, and that I needed to find a way to support their need (and their budgets) for strategic marketing.

One day as I was walking my dog, I was hit with the acronym for SMART Marketing.

Here it is:

Strategic, Measurable, Applicable, Results-oriented, Transformational Marketing

I knew I had something that I, as a marketing consultant, could offer to small businesses. I almost ran back home, dragging poor Bodhi, so I could start writing it all down. Strategy is first, because without that, you have nowhere to go. Measurable comes next, because you need to determine what success looks like. Applicable follows that because it’s critical that the marketing you do implement is reflective of who you are and what you sell. Then there’s the results piece- who doesn’t want great results? The concept as a whole? Transform your business from zero to hero. Done deal!

SMART is all about collaboration and discovery. It works for small businesses because the small business owner has a stake in making it happen. I provide the plan and the guidance. They put it into play and, with some additional coaching, begin to see results as their marketing plan takes shape into a tangible and successful entity all its own.

Since I launched SMART a few months ago, I have worked closely with clients to find the best way forward. That comes in a 5-step plan- and no more than 5 steps to start. That’s a whole other post I need to write on how we get easily overwhelmed by our to-do lists.

With 5 steps, they can see the wave of change in the way they present themselves online and in person. It’s kind of magical to see them righting their ship.

By putting foundational, smart marketing in place, businesses have a better chance at getting noticed by the right audiences, as well as a greater opportunity to get those potential consumers converted into loyal, repeat customers.

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