SMART Marketing for Small Business

Strategic. Measurable. Applicable. Results-oriented. Transformational Marketing!

Building a strong marketing program in any business takes planning- and time. And there is a certain order to getting marketing done right- and to getting the results you want to increase income.

These two, in-person or virtual consultations are your immersion, as a small business owner, into the world of marketing as well as the pre-cursor to kicking off your marketing activities effectively and with strong results. These sessions will define what your business does and is, as well as what it is not.

Together, we will look at who you want to be, how to build the brand you want, and what it will take to get there.

We will prepare your business for the best market position through key message development, investigating your target audiences, and determining the next 5 best marketing activities to get your business from zero to hero.

SESSION 1 (1.5 hours)

We will examine, brainstorm and download the next, practical steps for improving or launching your marketing efforts. We will dissect what worked, what didn’t and what had tangible results that made a difference to your bottom line or number of customers.

To prepare for our first session, you will read the brand tutorial and fill out as much of the branding questionnaire to help us determine the next immediate 5 steps in getting your marketing plan launched and rolled out.

Homework: Brand tutorial, brand questionnaire

SESSION 2 (1.5 hours)

We will review your completed brand questionnaire and make determinations on your business’ target audiences, the beginnings of key messaging, begin defining your unique selling proposition and how you stack up against your competitors in the marketplace. We will also write up a list of the top ten keywords relative to your business for use in your online marketing efforts down the road.

We will come up with a 5-step list of things you can do right now to move your marketing plan forward.


·         10-word keyword matrix

·         Branding tutorial and questionnaire to help discover and reveal your business’ potential

·         A 5-step guide to improving or launching your marketing efforts immediately, laid out and easy to follow

·         The beginnings of a unique selling proposition

·         3 preliminary key messages to get you on the road to building your brand language

·         An overview of your target audience profiles

Plus, you get 3 hours of consultation time with a marketing professional who has your business’ best interests (and marketing best practices) in mind!

This service is available for in-person and virtual consultations. Get SMART today- book now.